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About Misrak

I'm Misrak CEO and Owner of Misrak De' Cor. I was start busses inn1996 in Addis  Abeba Ethiopia.So Get us much event planning experience wearing as many different hats as possible As business owners you will find your selfe in a lote of different roles experience key to begin successful in each one.                                                                        Misrarak woldehan                                                             Owner and Ceo Event Organizer                                                                                                            


The Small Details

If you’ve been stressing about event decor, here is the answer to your prayers  . We’ve looked at what makes for amazing event decor and included it all in this guide.

We’ve also found simple decoration ideas for events ranging from weddings to conferences, as well as tips for making your event budget stretch.                                                     Misrak De'Cor !                                            

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